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If you are looking for Inspiration, Fresh Ideas, Stronger Relationships, a Healthy Body, Great Food, and a Full Wallet you have stopped by the right place!  Welcome to Vigorous Living where we attack all of these concerns that affects our daily life!

I was hiking with a group of friends and we were discussing age and where we want to be in ten years. We made a decision to live our lives as vigorously as we possibly can.  We can hide our aging through hair dye, facial treatments, and new styles.  No matter what we do to ourselves to look younger that date on the Birth Certificate does not go away!

Every Morning is a gift!  As long as you are breathing you have a choice on what kind of life you want to live and a fresh chance. I hope this blog brings you fresh ideas and support to help you achieve a life full of love, happiness, and adventure.

Just like every day brings a new chance you will see new content!

Welcome to Vigorous Living!

Do you like Talk Radio? – – – Check out Caravan to Midnight!

I love talk radio that discusses information that is really hard to find.  If you juggle kids, work, and college you probably do not have time to research a whole lot beyond what mainstream media is telling you.  Do not fret John B Wells has your back.   If the name sounds familiar it is because he used to be a part of Coast to Coast A.M.

He broke away and started a program of his own.

What is the catch? It costs $5.00 a month but you receive all past content and a refund is available if you cannot stand the content. You simply have to email him letting him know.  The shows run regularly throughout the week and you receive 2-3 hours of commercial free content per episode. His dedication and effort shows he puts a lot of time into his show and I have yet to feel disapointed.

So what does he discuss?

– Religion/Spirituality

– Nutrition/Health

– News/Politics

-Conspiracy Theories floating around (He puts logic behind them)



If the program sounds great to you then head on over to caravantomidnight.com !

At the end of the show I always have random new facts and information to throw out during a discussion.  I hope you check it out and you enjoy the program as much as I do!

Heartwarming…..5 Year Old begs mother for something important……

A five year old boy begged his Mom to buy a homeless man a meal while they were dining at Waffle House……..

And before the man could dig in, Josiah said he wanted to ‘say the blessing with him’, singing loud enough for the other 11 customers in the restaurant to hear.

‘God our Father, God our Father, we thank you, we thank you,’ he sang. ‘For our many blessings, for our many blessings, Amen, Amen.’

Faulk said everyone, including the man, teared up.

It’s a moment the mother said she will never forget.

‘Watching my son touch the 11 people in that Waffle House tonight will be forever one of the greatest accomplishments as a parent I’ll ever get to witness.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3087149/Alabama-boy-begs-mother-buy-homeless-man-dinner-Waffle-House.html#ixzz3aZs5bwc0
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A Grape Adventure

I bought Grapes today.   I should have weighed the bag before I checked out..

ONE Organic bag of Grapes cost me 11.00…………..

One bag of organic coffee was cheaper then the Grapes!

I could have bought wine instead. These had better be the best damn grapes I have ever tasted in my life.

Do not shop while feeling tired and a bit rushed. You might find yourself in price shock upon check out.

This drought is an extreme problem few are talking about. Have you noticed the food prices rising in your area yet?

What foods have you given up or cut back on purchasing?

Buckle up because it is going to get worse before it gets better. Wildfire season has not even hit yet.

Technique to Combat Worry…

Do you have an anxiety problem? Do you feel like you are in control of all the situations around you? When something goes wrong, even if it is not your fault do you feel like if you have done more you could have stopped it?

Allow yourself a set amount of time once a day to worry about all your problems.

Once that time limit is up you are not allowed to worry for the remainder of the day.

Reassure yourself after your time is up that you have done all you can to solve your personal problems and you are the only person that you can control.  You are not responsible for every outcome or every decision someone else makes.  You cannot be held responsible for the actions of others.  Then release all worry or attachment to issues that do not involve you directly.

Your Lazy!

Tax Season is upon us in America!  Your either going to pay taxes or get a refund either way you cannot avoid this time of year for long without consequences!  The debates on Food Stamps have commenced and boy are they good!

One side of the issue:

You pay into food stamps in case you need them one day yourself. Face it car accidents can happen within the split of a second. I know first hand thanks to a couple drunk drivers.  Yeah I have had a run in with drunk drivers twice in my life…literally.  It is impossible to say you will never lose out on work temporarily or permanently due to circumstances you cannot control.  Even if you have your peas lined up in a pod someone or something will most likely come along at least once and turn them into pea soup!  I am okay with the system of I will pay into food stamps even when not using them in case I ever do need them. Never say Never………shit happens.

The other side of the issue:

Lazy people collect food stamps.  You are lazy if you cannot find a good enough job to pay for all your living expenses. This is America the land of opportunity. Get off your ass and get to work!

I have met people that work 2 jobs and still have food stamps! Rent, utilities, child care costs, education loans, and medical costs really add up fast!  Do you really want to see dozens of people begging in front of restaurants or crowding sidewalks just to get a simple free meal?  I have been to a third world country and witnessed people lining up to collect the trash to eat the crumbs off of the plates tourists are about to throw away.  It is heartbreaking.

I looked up the numbers on how much food stamps cost tax payers.  In 2011 a family making 50,000 a year paid out a whopping 38.00 a year towards food stamp coverage!  Most of us pay more then 38.00 for supper and a movie!  Is 38.00 really that painful of a cost to pay?

The Solutions

Of course one solution will not be the band aid that stops all the bleeding.  These might help and if your going to debate something or complain at least present how the problem can be dealt with constructively.

  • Victory Gardens.  Imagine what could happen if we turned all the empty warehouses and lots into gardening areas?  Seeds are cheap and it does not take a lot of intelligence to turn soil to build a garden.  Victory Gardens did plenty for our troops in the past and they can do a lot for those facing hunger in our own country in modern society!
  • Taxes must be paid but allow the tax payer to choose what bracket they pay into. So you do not want to pay into food stamps? Fine.  Select from a list of other options such as Emergency services, road work,  or the public school system.  If you refuse to pay into food stamps guess what? You cannot get them if you are injured and cannot work.
  • Lower the costs of other living expenses such as rent, mortgage, health insurance,  child care, etc while keeping the minimum wage the same.  This allows your dollar to go further and this might ease the 38.00 burden it is costing you.
  • Stop the robots. Robots will soon be policing the streets, drones will be delivering your packages instead of a human, a robot will serve you food,  your I-phone will replace your doctor unless its a direct emergency, a robot will do your landscaping,  robots can be trained to do almost anything now including building structures.

Not every person is able to do the kind of math it takes to go into robotics and computers.  When we replace basic jobs with robots we take more jobs off the market resulting in a higher unemployment rate.   This will increase the food stamp costs.  Technology is not always a great thing.   We need basic jobs to stay open that people of any level can do.

Is it harsh to say the “lazy” people are on welfare?  When was the last time you heard someone say I want to be on food stamps today?  Or a child say I want to be lazy when I grow up!  We have a natural human instinct to take care of ourselves. We feel threatened subconsciously if we do not meet our basic needs.  if you are going to use the line “some people claiming benefits are simply lazy and refusing to work”, please back your view with the percent like this.

It is easier though to sit back and say you can solve the problems especially if you pin the problem as being an issue with laziness.  Simply charge the lazy with a crime and put them in prison….

Oh wait..Prisons…..

Don’t they cost tax payers something too?

The lazy argument does not make sense when it comes to food assistance.

#I’mNoAngel Campaign

Layne Bryant has followed the same path as Starbucks. Once this whole fad blows over I will post another blog on the sales revenue the I’m No Angel hashtag campaign brought them.  This time it is the body image that is up for sale.  Layne Bryant is known for selling bras and underwear to larger women.

Victoria Secret carries large bras and most of us know by now that they sell society the angel/beauty image.  A lot of women with a larger breast size also carry a body type that supports that size. It is not often you see a size 2 lady with non enhanced size D breasts. I watched the Layne Bryant No angel commercial and was shocked to see the first screen flash be a breast shot.  This is the very thing Victoria Secret sells women.  Next came the thighs with an underwear pose. To keep it politically correct they had women of all different shades of skin.  Now I have had large thighs before and yes I am a woman.  Wearing a skirt or shorts on a hot Summer day can be a literal pain. Face it! Chafing hurts!

In the 90s when I was in school we were taught to be proud of our size.  We are fine the way we are and bullying is never okay.  Suddenly it became a moral issue to nicely tell someone  they might want to watch what they eat and get some exercise.  If a Woman asks a man if she is fat he is to say “No sweet heart I love you the way you are.”  He is either being honest with you and really does like you the way you are or he is scared of telling you the truth because you might freak out.  Have you noticed how simple statements have become a form of bullying? It is no longer okay to tell someone something negative!  We are expected to feel good all the time even when we are doing the opposite. The anti depressants they push on us only verify this.  No you cannot suffer through some kind of emotional pain and learn a lesson.  If a statement makes you angry there is probably some truth to it or you would not be angry or hurt about it.  Often times the deepest lessons we learn in life involve pain. When you learned to ride a bike you probably hurt yourself.  I did.  I was also taught to get back up again and not give up, even if blood was involved.

The obesity rates are growing rapidly within the Western World. Even some areas of Africa are now seeing an obesity spike.  Fast food joints are popping up in almost every single country in the world.  In the Western Hemisphere we are fighting back slowly against these food companies. We have seen the consequences of diabetes and heart disease.  my 90s generation seems to be saying No to their kids because we are suffering consequences we do not want our future children to suffer.

I have watched family members and friends die of obesity.  As much as we tried we could not convince them that they would feel better about themselves with diet or exercise.  The line “You only live once” was the response anyone would receive who attempted to help.  Your right you only live once but if losing limbs and having heart surgery is living life you can count me out.

While one half of the world slowly shapes up another half will be fattening up.  I believe in the future the way we deal with fast food will change.  We will learn how to mass produce healthy food options and serve them drive through style. It is only a matter of time and restaurants such as Veggie Grill and Chipotle are leading examples of this.  Of course Bk, KFC, and Mc’ds are going over seas they feel the pinch and they can no longer compete where a population is educated.  In the future the entire world will push them out unless they make serious nutritional changes.

I know by writing this blog I am helping the company advertise their over priced clothes.  It is already all over social media now so my one blog is probably not going to make a huge dent in lowering the sales.  Some of you might even rush off to the mall to buy the clothes after reading this.  That is okay if you do it is your money.

True beauty is eating healthy and working out.  True beauty comes from within. it takes a strong person to say No to the junk food advertisements. It takes a strong person to get up and work out in some kind of way every day regardless of how you feel.  It takes discipline to tell your friends and family No when a slice of cake is passed your direction.

Is it wrong to cave in and eat something a bit unhealthy occasionally? No it is not.  Define occasional and keep yourself in check.  I have seen occasional mean something different to many people.  For some occasional means only one cookie a day or one ice cream a week.  To others it might be one ice cream a month.  One ice cream a week is better then one ice cream a day and so on. Some people eat ten cookies a day! It is important to know how to get back on a healthy track if you divert off of it.

It is even more important to admit self abuse and forgive yourself for it.  You do not need an advertisement to tell you if you are healthy or not or how to feel about yourself. You know in your heart and mind if you are treating your body as a temple.  A temple is a place of relaxation and rest. A place to collect yourself.  Your body should be this way to you. Your body should not be stressed out and sore. Treat it as the temple it was created to be.  Only when you do that your true beauty will show.

If your being honest with yourself and you have realized you are not treating yourself as a temple should be treated….


Will a plus size clothing store make you feel better about yourself when you go to the mall?  Will you weaken your mind and give in to a campaign and advertising scheme?