Welcome To Living Vigorously!

If you are looking for Inspiration, Fresh Ideas, Stronger Relationships, a Healthy Body, Great Food, and a Full Wallet you have stopped by the right place!  Welcome to Vigorous Living where we attack all of these concerns that affects our daily life!

I was hiking with a group of friends and we were discussing age and where we want to be in ten years. We made a decision to live our lives as vigorously as we possibly can.  We can hide our aging through hair dye, facial treatments, and new styles.  No matter what we do to ourselves to look younger that date on the Birth Certificate does not go away!

Every Morning is a gift!  As long as you are breathing you have a choice on what kind of life you want to live and a fresh chance. I hope this blog brings you fresh ideas and support to help you achieve a life full of love, happiness, and adventure.

Just like every day brings a new chance you will see new content!

Welcome to Vigorous Living!


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