Heartwarming…..5 Year Old begs mother for something important……

A five year old boy begged his Mom to buy a homeless man a meal while they were dining at Waffle House……..

And before the man could dig in, Josiah said he wanted to ‘say the blessing with him’, singing loud enough for the other 11 customers in the restaurant to hear.

‘God our Father, God our Father, we thank you, we thank you,’ he sang. ‘For our many blessings, for our many blessings, Amen, Amen.’

Faulk said everyone, including the man, teared up.

It’s a moment the mother said she will never forget.

‘Watching my son touch the 11 people in that Waffle House tonight will be forever one of the greatest accomplishments as a parent I’ll ever get to witness.’

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Why Meditate? -Clint Willis


Do you have a hard time silencing your mind?

Are you afraid of death?

Do you ever have a hard time forgiving yourself?

Are you lost on your life journey?


Are you looking for a great book to read before bed?

If these questions resonate with you go to the library and pick up the book  Why Meditate? The Essential Book About How Meditation Can Enrich Your Life  Edited by Clint Willis.

The book contains short stories written by 20 different authors about love, dying, new beginnings, children, fear, pain, enlightenment, spontaneity, and mindfulness just to name a few.

Do not read this book in public if you find yourself crying while reading.  Some stories really tug at the heart. Don’t say you were not warned.

This book is a must for my book shelf. It is certainly one that I could read over and over again throughout life as different challenges are thrown my way.  I was amazed at how the authors found such peace during moments that would rip anyone else apart.

A passage from Teachings on Love page 58

Look into the eyes of your beloved and ask deeply, “Who are you, my love, who has come to me and taken my suffering as your suffering, my happiness as your happiness, my life and death as your life and death?”  “Who are you whose self has become myself? Why aren’t you a dewdrop, a butterfly, a bird, a pine tree?” Ask with your whole body and mind. Later you will have to ask the person who causes you the most suffering the same questions: ” Who are you who brings me such pain, who makes me feel so much anger and hatred?” To understand you have to become one with your beloved, and also with your so-called enemy.  You have to worry about what they worry about, suffer their suffering, appreciate what they appreciate. You and the object of your love cannot be two. They are as much you as you are yourself.

How to meet someone special

A lot of people are trying to swamp through a crowd full of make up, plastic surgery, fake this, and fake that to find love.

The commercials tell us socializing is surrounded by eating out at your favorite restaurant full of items that look like food and taste like food. Only to leave you wondering the next morning if it was food you really consumed.  They also tell us to drink when we socialize. The bar and restaurant is the last place you want to go if you want to meet someone.  Most people who are going out to those places are either in a relationship, already meeting up with a group of friends and they are not interested in dating at all, or recovering from a break up and seeking comfort.  You do not want to be in the comfort zone.

   What is the Comfort Zone?  If you are that nice person who always finishes last and cannot stay in a long-term relationship it could be because you fall for people in recovery mode.  I am sure you have gone through the routine. You see someone who is down, you sit next to them, listen for hours on end and maybe allow them to cry on your shoulder.  Suddenly a connection is formed.  You provided that person comfort and they see you as the next best thing! Yes you have become the nice person!  It is great to be a nice person but not so great when you realize you were just a replacement for that persons ex that they were originally mourning for in the first place. Suddenly you are told that dreaded line….I just want to be friends…..

How do you know you might be in the comfort zone?  He or she brings up the ex a lot around you and that is all they can talk about.  They will only be able to focus on how screwed over they were or worse they want you to be the person that left them. It might not be an ex though it could be just life in general.  People will seek comfort over the pettiest things instead of dealing with the emotions themselves.

The other downside to meeting people around alcohol, drinking!  You might go on a few dates and move forward in the relationship only to find out that they love drinking…..a little too much.  Sure you can drink with them all you want and you will feel like everything is great.  Wait until the real  problems surface.  Can they deal with them without drinking?  If you are at a club to attract someone you are asking to meet an alcoholic.

So where can you meet happy healthy people? Well what do you like to do?  Surround yourself with activities that you really enjoy.  This is the slow way to meet someone but it could be your best shot to not meeting someone who is fake or suffering from addiction.  The benefit? You are already doing the same thing that both of you enjoy so you have an interest to bond over. You could go to a gym to meet someone but then again if you’re looking for a relationship at a gym you may come across as that creepy person checking everyone out.  Most people at the gym are focused on one thing and one thing only working out.

I recommend using social media websites such as http://www.meetup.com  to find a group of others with similar interests!  Always make sure it is in a public setting and in a medium to large-sized group. Make sure the group has been running for a while. They really do have something for everyone.

If you cannot find anything to do using social media then volunteer somewhere!  Do you love animals? Your local humane society needs your help.  Do you love reading? The library might be looking for volunteers. You could always go down to the food bank as well.

Getting yourself out and active is key to meeting someone.  Going to the obvious places are only going to give you the obvious results.  By obvious I mean the places the commercials tell you to go to have a good time.  You do not want obvious results if you are reading this. What you want is a long term relationship with stability someone to share life with and grow with!

Facebook..The Art of Convience

I carry a Facebook, because it is a tool for higher learning.  There is a lot to learn through instant communication.  We can solve problems a lot faster and gain perspective of public opinion.  Now politicians can see in real time what the world populous needs and wants. If it was not for the gratification of learning my account would be deleted for the second time.

Over the past couple of years a tool that used to bring me a lot of joy and information has now became something I dread.  I never know what kind of Meme  or what personal information is going to come across the news feed.  Yes it sucks you are about to have surgery but I would have rather talked to you in person about that surgery then read about it in a status.  We all have moments that we like to share with others such as weddings and new babies.  People live far away from each other and it is a very quick way to get one message out to a lot of people.

It is getting difficult  for quiet moments to happen between events.  Reflection and private time is needed in individual families and Facebook takes away from that.  Suddenly an event that should be shared for a bit of time privately becomes the next public sensation.  As soon as that status is put up feedback is going to happen.  What happens when you find out that not everyone is as thrilled as you are? The drama unfolds.  I have seen arguments occur between spouses through statuses! Suddenly the in-laws and friends jump in from both sides to defend each person.  Divorce rates are increasing and I wonder if a divorce would have even occurred if the couple had worked it out privately.

Children are being posted up online at very young ages. Mom goes in to the hospital to deliver and suddenly everything that God gifted the newborn is up for comments! Your family and friends do not have to wait a week for an official updated professional looking family photograph.  I loved Christmas time because cards contained photographs of the children growing.  Now one just has to log in.  You can see photographs every morning of a toddlers life.  Right down to YouTube tantrums.  The baby cannot type and give permission. One day that baby will be 16 years old putting in college applications. With facial recognition the college will be able to see the tantrum as well.  Will that moment in time be adorable when your child runs up to you crying and screaming because they felt like they did not have a say?  Is it okay to post photographs of babies because they cannot give consent?

Time will certainly tell. We will know within a decade how badly we have hurt others or helped our personal lives through “The Art of Convenience”.

  How do you feel about social media? Have we gone too far? or Is it just one of those things that will become as normal as getting food from the grocery store instead of growing it yourself?