Your Lazy!

Tax Season is upon us in America!  Your either going to pay taxes or get a refund either way you cannot avoid this time of year for long without consequences!  The debates on Food Stamps have commenced and boy are they good!

One side of the issue:

You pay into food stamps in case you need them one day yourself. Face it car accidents can happen within the split of a second. I know first hand thanks to a couple drunk drivers.  Yeah I have had a run in with drunk drivers twice in my life…literally.  It is impossible to say you will never lose out on work temporarily or permanently due to circumstances you cannot control.  Even if you have your peas lined up in a pod someone or something will most likely come along at least once and turn them into pea soup!  I am okay with the system of I will pay into food stamps even when not using them in case I ever do need them. Never say Never………shit happens.

The other side of the issue:

Lazy people collect food stamps.  You are lazy if you cannot find a good enough job to pay for all your living expenses. This is America the land of opportunity. Get off your ass and get to work!

I have met people that work 2 jobs and still have food stamps! Rent, utilities, child care costs, education loans, and medical costs really add up fast!  Do you really want to see dozens of people begging in front of restaurants or crowding sidewalks just to get a simple free meal?  I have been to a third world country and witnessed people lining up to collect the trash to eat the crumbs off of the plates tourists are about to throw away.  It is heartbreaking.

I looked up the numbers on how much food stamps cost tax payers.  In 2011 a family making 50,000 a year paid out a whopping 38.00 a year towards food stamp coverage!  Most of us pay more then 38.00 for supper and a movie!  Is 38.00 really that painful of a cost to pay?

The Solutions

Of course one solution will not be the band aid that stops all the bleeding.  These might help and if your going to debate something or complain at least present how the problem can be dealt with constructively.

  • Victory Gardens.  Imagine what could happen if we turned all the empty warehouses and lots into gardening areas?  Seeds are cheap and it does not take a lot of intelligence to turn soil to build a garden.  Victory Gardens did plenty for our troops in the past and they can do a lot for those facing hunger in our own country in modern society!
  • Taxes must be paid but allow the tax payer to choose what bracket they pay into. So you do not want to pay into food stamps? Fine.  Select from a list of other options such as Emergency services, road work,  or the public school system.  If you refuse to pay into food stamps guess what? You cannot get them if you are injured and cannot work.
  • Lower the costs of other living expenses such as rent, mortgage, health insurance,  child care, etc while keeping the minimum wage the same.  This allows your dollar to go further and this might ease the 38.00 burden it is costing you.
  • Stop the robots. Robots will soon be policing the streets, drones will be delivering your packages instead of a human, a robot will serve you food,  your I-phone will replace your doctor unless its a direct emergency, a robot will do your landscaping,  robots can be trained to do almost anything now including building structures.

Not every person is able to do the kind of math it takes to go into robotics and computers.  When we replace basic jobs with robots we take more jobs off the market resulting in a higher unemployment rate.   This will increase the food stamp costs.  Technology is not always a great thing.   We need basic jobs to stay open that people of any level can do.

Is it harsh to say the “lazy” people are on welfare?  When was the last time you heard someone say I want to be on food stamps today?  Or a child say I want to be lazy when I grow up!  We have a natural human instinct to take care of ourselves. We feel threatened subconsciously if we do not meet our basic needs.  if you are going to use the line “some people claiming benefits are simply lazy and refusing to work”, please back your view with the percent like this.

It is easier though to sit back and say you can solve the problems especially if you pin the problem as being an issue with laziness.  Simply charge the lazy with a crime and put them in prison….

Oh wait..Prisons…..

Don’t they cost tax payers something too?

The lazy argument does not make sense when it comes to food assistance.


Why I will Never Drink Starbucks…..#RaceTogether

Lately Starbucks has grabbed my attention.  They recently added Vegan milk products to the menu and some locations even have Organic Coffee.   I thought this was impressive and a great idea.  The organic vegan movement has been growing very fast and it is great for those with lactose intolerant issues.

I have been eating GMO free for over a year and Starbucks was a coffee place I had to give up. That is okay because the local small shops need my money more. Organic coffee tastes better and the smaller shops seem to put more pride behind their own brew.  I am from the Seattle area, I am automatically an expert…right? 😉  Every small coffee shop has a different style it is almost an art form.  Every Starbucks offers the same thing, consistency and convenience.  Boring!

The Ferguson Missouri issue went all the way up to the United Nations over the past year.  It is an ongoing debate between police brutality vs the citizens and race differences.  Race is an important topic because of cultural differences.  Each area of the world has a different culture and wisdom can be learned from all of them.  Racial differences become a problem when we take one group of society and give privileges another group does not have. We are seeing this now with the 1% vs middle class vs those in poverty.  Take feminism vs the male population. Females have struggles but we also have the same opportunities men have.  If wage and income is the problem between sexes it is safe to say Women have a pretty strong hand.  If you do not believe me look at Oprah!  Both Men and Women have scrambled to grab her attention to promote a book or food item.

Equal rights are extremely important but so is respect.  As we learn more about ourselves and heritage we realize throughout time that we really are not that different. We all want to be loved, everyone must have fresh food and clean water to survive,  temperature control, and a non violent home.  Who you pray too does not affect your ability to learn.  We create problems in society when we look past these basic needs.  War rips apart the land and trade deals stop.  When trade deals stop people begin to go hungry. Water is being polluted everywhere and the lack of fresh food and clean water is causing violence. 

When we stop respecting our neighbors and resources violence occurs. It is easy to point to the obvious reasons for violence in a different area.  Right now Religion, Race, and Government Brutality seem to be the hot topics to pinpoint the violence on.  Those issues are extremely important.

Do you ever notice that a society that has Education, Employment, Clean Water, Fresh Organic Food, and Community Activities seem to run the best?  Is it a possibility we are looking towards the wrong direction?

Starbucks I am disgusted that you created awkward situations within the coffee lines by asking people how they embrace others of a different race!   You should be promoting Respect!  When we respect who we are and who others are we become non violent!  Science has proven that human beings have negative reactions inside the body when they are presented with stressful situations!  Grabbing your coffee is supposed to be a relaxing time!  People make friends and get married over a random meet up at a coffee place!

The CEO of Starbucks said his campaign was successful. Yes it was.  Starbucks made the headlines across the world. Whenever we hear the name Starbucks we think lets grab a cup of coffee.  The race issue created the advertisement.  Yes Starbucks did make headlines and those who were not aware of the name now are.  That is Corporate success!  Spreading your brand name and acquiring wealth.  The very act of writing this blog is a form of advertising. Some of you might be thinking…gee now I want a Latte.  Its free advertising.  Every dog trainer knows that Negative or Positive Attention is still attention! As long as people are talking people are going to be drinking!

It takes a lot of media attention to sell over priced coffee to people who are having a difficult time buying food and paying rent. 

Why did I write this even though its giving Starbucks more attention? Because people are going to buy the coffee just because!  We all know McDonald’s is very unhealthy but we still buy it.  If people did not buy it we would not see open stores.  Luckily people are turning away from McDonald’s. As I said earlier we are tired of eating the typical thing within society.  I would rather grab a sandwich at a local place then a chain any day!

My words will not stop Starbucks lovers to stop drinking the coffee just like obesity will not stop some people from buying greasy food. People will buy what they love regardless of what is promoted. Therefore I do not care that this blog will make people think Starbucks this morning.

Please don’t go to Starbucks. Try a local coffee place or go to the grocery store and buy a coffee brand that is Organic that you have never tried before.  You do not want all the pesticides in conventional processed coffee in your body anyway. Coffee contains high amounts of pesticides and herbicides.  When you shop locally you provide your neighbors jobs.

Please be a part of a real solution and support local businesses. Starbucks you promoted the wrong issue! We need to be looking towards the largest issues of all starvation, dehydration, dirty conditions, a lack of education, war, and brutality.

Different colors of skin,  religions, languages, and abilities are beautiful and unique! Lets embrace the beauty of our differences! Not fight over them! Yes you are different then me and you are amazing!    We are all created equally but we are all unique! Be unique!  Live in Peace! Do not fall for false advertising schemes!


Shares of Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX) hit a 52-week high Thursday, despite criticism following the coffee company’s “Race Together” campaign to address racism in America.

See what I mean? Starbucks does not need your money! Shop and drink Local! Now Google your local coffee house and try the Organic difference! 🙂

Calm Yourself Down and Be Mindful!

People seem to be over reacting a lot these days!

As a society we really need to slow down and think about what we are currently doing before we jump into the next idea or problem.

Being aware of yourself can really hurt.  It means you have to tell yourself no instead of yes and stay calm when you want to kick someone’s ass.   You would never do that though…your too pretty for jail.   How can someone with an anger or anxiety problem calm down and why would you want too?

When your anxious or hurt you might over react either verbally or physically because of the natural instincts of flight. vs fight.  Most people are either going to run from a situation or fight it out until it cannot be fought any longer.  Running from your problems will not fix them and fighting them will leave you exhausted.   So what are you going to do?

Being Mindful is being aware of the way you see and react to the world. Our past experiences shape who we are today whether we want to believe that or not. You can shove the past behind you and live like nothing traumatic happened, just remember, runners get tired.

I was bullied a lot at school and the trauma carried into adult hood.  As a young adult I realized my life was not progressing forward properly and I did not understand why.   One day while I was meditating a thought entered my brain: We are too scared to move. I was so afraid that every person I loved and cared for was judging me from the outside. I was so afraid of embarrassment and being laughed at that I sat still while life passed me by. I was guilty of reacting towards statements that should have been beneficial with a defensive attitude.  My heart and mind was contained by a wall and a barbed wire fence.  Why risk being hurt at all? It is easier to keep people out.   The consequence of this angry energy was the loss of a social life.  That was never my intent nor did I even know at the time I was having a defensive aggressive mindset.   It was easier to treat every person as if they were a future bully then to simply be myself.  It was easier to avoid every situation and appear flawless then face public humiliation.  Stuck I was.

Not only did this attitude hurt me but it hurt other people. The bullied one became the bully.   It happened so fast I was unaware I had become this way.  To me I was normal and doing what I should be doing every day. I did not think I was hurting myself or others until it was almost too late.  To move forward in my life I had to realize that when people were laughing around me they were not laughing at me and I was the only one criticizing every little movement I made.  I was my own worst bully. My mind was so toxic I would make fun of myself in my head before insults could be thrown from a stranger.  If I had not taken the time to slow my mind down and meditate I would not have made the realization that I was too afraid to take action.  I could still be stuck in that rut today wondering why I was miserable or worse…I could have committed suicide.

Your situation is not your enemy your attitude is.  You will never be able to control every little thing in your life and to think you do is a form of stress. Stress causes inflammation which leads to chronic illness.  You have to be willing to step back and look at a situation from a different perspective. Sit outside sometime and watch a bird peck the ground. How does the bird view its surroundings? How does the bird observe you?  Being mindful is being aware that every person views the world differently.  There really is no right way because every person has a different story which creates different reactions.

To be Mindful you must be patient.  It can be difficult to remain silent when you really have something important to say.  Especially if it involves the truth or defending yourself.  Take a few minutes to pause before you make a decision or speak out loud.  You do not know what kind of back ground every person has so treat every person as if they are fragile.  Every person carries some kind of pain whether its seen or unseen. They might not know what being mindful is so chances are they are going to over react. Does that person deserve your reaction or should you just brush it off? You can always go back and talk about an issue more when the other person is calm.  Its hard to listen anyway if both people are upset.  You will never be able to stop yourself from feeling an unpleasant emotion but your reaction to it does not have to be an unpleasant experience.

A mindful body is a healthy body.  You can really tell who is mindful and who is not by how they treat they’re bodies. A mindful person is aware of what foods hurt or help them and they choose exercise over watching television all morning.  Are you aware of your body? Do you take the time to think about what you are going to eat a few hours before you eat it? Or do you feel hunger and instantly fill your belly? If you growl and grab your going to have problems if you have greasy chips in your cupboard.  It is great to have snacks on hand but you want them to be healthy ones!  If you have a growl and grab personality do not set yourself up for failure by putting processed quick foods into the freezer!  Chop up your favorite vegetables or fruit in the morning before your day starts and put it into a bowl!  We really set ourselves up for obesity by not paying attention to what we eat throughout the day.

Do you always feel rushed and is procrastination your thing?  If you say your going to do it later your probably not going too.  As soon as something needs done deal with it right away!  Do not tell your girl friend you will clean your car out later. Clean it out now!  Time management is another important part of mindfulness.  If you cannot manage your time your probably not dependable. You could be missing out on valuable opportunities because others cannot count on you to be on time and ready to go . If you procrastinate and run late all the time you give off the impression that you do not care. You might care deeply on the inside even if you do not show it on the outside.  People will take notice over time if you are consistent and new doors will open up to you. How many tasks do you put to the side for later?  Does this ever cause a negative reaction in your life?

Do you have a hard time falling asleep? Skip the sleeping medication! Instead take a half hour before bed to write a list of what you have to do the next day and go over in your mind what is bothering you. Can you fix it this second? No..? Then do not stress about it. Your better off figuring out the solution and sticking with that solution instead of dwelling on it.  Sleeping is a natural process we know how to sleep as soon as we are born!  Why should you drug yourself to fall asleep when it is instinct? You have it within you to sleep on your own take the time to learn how again. Being mindful of your thought patterns before bed can make or break your sleep.  Every night reassure yourself that you did a good job, that you are a good person, and you are loved.   Do not let your mind wander to what you are going to do the next day….or go through what if scenarios.

Training yourself to be aware of your thoughts and actions all the time takes time.  The worst thing you can do is get mad at yourself if you feel like you could have reacted better to a situation.  Remember to take the time to view a situation from the other person’s point of view,  to eat healthy,  calm your mind before sleep,  solve problems as soon as possible, forgive yourself and others for not seeing and reacting to a situation differently, and avoid negative self talk.

Being aware will help you dissolve any problems as quickly as they come and you will be far more graceful then the person who reacts my screaming, crying, yelling, and punching things.  

The Art of Convinience Blog Update

A while back I wrote this:

Today I have an update on the blog.

Apparently we ARE over sharing information about our children. Well not me I do not have any kids but most of my peers either have really little ones or have babies on the way.

I would handle social media like this If  I am blessed with a child. 

My friends and relatives would receive letters with Photographs!  That is it!  No texts, emails, blogs, Facebook, none of it!  Why? It is too easy for strangers to get a hold of your child’s face! ? I see it all the time a disabled kid in school sitting at a desk with words written above his or her head.  A toddler giving the camera a weird look with a quote.  Do these people get the credit and the royalties they deserve? Did the parents publish these memes and upload them?  Was it a friend? A stranger?

Maybe I am old-fashioned with how I view things. The Amish do not take photographs at all instead they remember all the moments inside their head , drawings, or journals.  The Amish families I have met to do not seem to be suffering or traumatized over this.  They find modern society odd for living their life behind a lens.

How do I know for sure we are over sharing the youth of today? This article came across the website of the local news.  I accidentally found it while checking the weather report.

Here is part of the article and the link to read the rest of the story for yourself:

Seventy-four percent of parents say they know a parent who has shared too much information about a child on social media, including 56% who said they knew someone who shared embarrassing information about a child, according to a new poll.

“We have now crossed a threshold in our society where if you do not record, broadcast or disseminate your life or your child’s life it does not exist,” says psychologist David Greenfield, founder of The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction.

More than half of mothers and one-third of fathers said they use social media to discuss child health, parenting and issues related to raising children. Nearly three-quarters of parents say using social media makes them feel less alone, according to the poll from C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.