Selling Coffee through Stickers

In the Pacific Northwest, USA, we have many options for where to get our coffee.  You can go to a Starbucks,  a local shop that is family owned,  a drive through stand where women where clothes, or one where coffee is made and served while a woman wheres nothing but stickers over her nipples. 

The coffee nipple stands lay right on the outer edges of small military towns.  Women are not dumb. We know that our bodies can bring in serious cash to pay the bills and feed the kids.  We know that men will stop thinking as soon as they see a breast. They will not only pay a high price but they will tip as well. Compliments such as “You are my most important customer” or ” I love to see you every morning you brighten my day” flatter them to drop the tips into the jar.

Usually a purchase can be made without the significant other knowing.  No touching is involved,  just a simple view and the only evidence is a empty plastic cup.

Further into town men receive choices.  There is a Starbucks, a local stand where women wear clothes,  or a building that is family owned.

Sex sells coffee.  I have yet to see a stand where a male puts a sticker over his member and makes coffee for women.  A lot of women will make jokes about how they would not mind going to a stand like this.  If you cannot make your significant other stop viewing sticker women you might as well go view a man with a sticker on his member.  Sometimes its easier to join in then have fights over it.   Some women I have talked to are okay with their husband doing this. They do not believe it is cheating if he is not being touched or touching someone. They do not see the harm in their partner viewing another woman to them it is like a porn movie.  It really is not a big deal.

When you chose to buy coffee at a stand like this you are staring at someone’s mother or future mother,  wife,  daughter, sister, cousin, niece………..

How would you feel if this was your mom or your sister?  Would you be okay with it then?

Its saddening to see young women selling their bodies vs. using their intelligence to make cash.  When you are young and pretty selling yourself is the easiest way. I guess if you are going to go that route a coffee stand is one of the safest ways to make quick cash. It certainly is safer then prostitution.  At least you are not having sex or having men grab you.

Women take jobs like this for several reasons

  • They have low self esteem
  • They do not know what to do with they’re intellect.
  • They have bills that must be paid very quickly
  • They have kids to feed
  • They know its quick cash and they do not mind taking advantage of men who feel insignificant.

Ladies you could be serving coffee to someones husband, brother, nephew, uncle, cousin,  or father. What if you were working at this stand and your brother drove in to buy coffee? Would you be okay with that?

Some towns are outraged this is going on and the city council is pushing stands like this out.  Before you go to a coffee stand like this please think deeper then the thrill of your purchase.  Remember someone loves the person working behind that stand very much and when you do purchase coffee from a sticker stand your insecurity is being taken advantage of through your wallet.


When do you eat your protein question…

Do you eat protein before or after a work out? I have read conflicting information. Some people say to eat protein before a work out others say afterwards. When do you eat your protein?  Before a work out or after?


This is my social media status of the day. I thought I would pass it along to Word Press

Why do you want everything to die? If you wanted everything to live you would not be supporting Monsanto. I often wonder is the food really that good? I must be missing out on some good shit! I saw the bugs lying on the corn with their guts blown out. Looked like someone shot a BB straight through. I ask myself how many pounds of BT laced corn does a human have to eat before their gut blows out? Any guesses? Yeah I worked under Monsanto for 4 years in the fields. What I saw can never be unseen.

Wealth Secrets from The Rabbi

Regardless of your Religion anyone can live by these tips!

Live Better with Dr. Willie Jolley

Rabbi Daniel Lapin is an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, who shares wealth building principles directly from the Bible. He is an acclaimed author, speaker, a radio talk show host and with his wife, hosts a daily television show. He is in demand nationally for his wealth building teachings from ancient Jewish wisdom.

Rabbi Lapin co-founded the Pacific Jewish Center in Los Angeles, CA with media personality Michael Medved. He was named “One of the Top 50 Rabbis in America” by Newsweek Magazine and has written four powerful books that answer the age old question: What do the Jewish people know about wealth building that has allowed this group to prosper financially at a disproportionate rate based upon their percentage of the population?

What principles do they live by; and what are the biblical insights that the Jewish people have learned from the Bible that we could all use to grow our…

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Weekly Horoscope 30 March 2015

Sara, Psychic and Astrology Readings


Read on to find out what the stars have in store for you this week. If you would like a personal astrology or psychic reading with Sara, either by phone, email or in person, please call or text 0434 634 092 to make a booking.

Aries Relationship issues could reach a peak on Saturday as the Lunar eclipse blasts your relationship sector. It is important to communicate your needs clearly and maybe start acting on the ideas and feelings that have been simmering away in the background. A great time for making plans for the future and telling it like it is.

Taurus Things become passionate for you this week. Long term relationships may go through some transformations – especially on Sunday – but they will be positive and likely to re-ignite the spark between you. Financially, a long term career plan or investment will start to pay off over…

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Insulting the Wealthy…

I have noticed something since social media came out.  Wealth slamming.  Instead of learning how others acquired and manage they’re wealth they are insulting those who have it.   They assume that rich people did not work hard for it and somehow the lifestyle was given to them.

Chances are if you were born into poverty you are not happy with it. Lets face it being in debt will not allow you to go on vacation, repair and decorate your home,  or participate in a lot of activities.  Activities such as golfing, gym memberships, extra classes, horseback riding, dance, etc cost money.  If you are in poverty you can take free classes if you can find them. Some people do free work outs and yoga groups at the park or they ask for a donation.  You can always go hiking on the trails in your area but eventually you will probably get a bit bored with the same scenery and you might have the urge to change it up.

If you are in poverty you will hear about a tragedy a friend or family member is facing and you will realize quickly there is little you can do besides offer prayers and emotional support.  Lets face it surgery, retirement, and home maintenance can cost a lot.

If you are jealous of those who carry millions or billions of dollars why?  Why sit and feel negative about the situation you were born into instead of doing something about it? Wouldn’t your time be well spent learning how to build up a business, invest in some stocks, make what little money you do bring in work the best for you?

An attitude needs to shift between the wealthy and those without.  The wealthy need to reach out to those who are looking to build themselves up and those who are on the lower income scale need to learn from those who built themselves.  Building up others and giving them new hope through education and ideas is the way to live.  Separation is not.

As long as we continue to feel jealous about the lifestyle we feel that we cannot have we will never have it.  Complaining about not being in the 1 percent will never allow you to be in the 1 percent.

I have heard people say they do not ever want to be wealthy because they feel that those with wealth are selfish.  Is it selfish to be able to pay for your parents retirement? Pay for a surgery for a friend?  Pay for your kid to go to college with cash?

Does it sound so bad to be able to go on vacation to a place you have dreamed about your entire life? Or Afford to pick up a new hobby?

Society needs a massive attitude shift if they are going to get out of poverty.  The separation and jealousy has to stop!  Quit separating yourselves from those who are wealthy and learn from them if you are without.  If you have wealth reach out and educate others! Become a light and an inspiration in the lives of those who feel like they do not have any options and they are so depressed they cannot see the light.

If you are in poverty the library has a lot of books that are very inspirational. Reading is free.  Get off the video games and the social media and start learning something!  Whatever you do stop complaining!

How do you feel about the attitude between the lower class vs the higher class?

This Week….

This week I am going to do a lot of discussion on sex.

I like to keep this blog friendly and laid back but the world is not always that way.  A lot of pain in the world is caused by the ignorance of sex.  A lot of you reading this might be struggling with porn or other sexual issues. Maybe some of you are victims of sexual addiction or rape.

During the first week of April I will be talking about what leads people into patterns of sexual destruction and why porn is not just porn.  I will also be talking about healing from the trauma of both sexual abuse and the abuse of sex.

Feel free to tune out of the blog if this is not something you want to read about……


Giving Up is A Good Thing….

Most of us were taught to “At first if you do not succeed, try try again. ” At least I was.  That quote was constantly repeated in school and at home. It was drilled so much into my mind that giving up at something made me feel anxious and depressed. I felt like a failure inside.    I really thought that it was me doing something wrong preventing an idea from working. Instead I should have been thinking maybe this is not correct for my life path. 

The key to success is motivation.  You probably will not have the answers right away to solve a problem. You will not know every detail of starting something new until you jump in. Trying keeps your feet from getting wet and a little cold.  Life can be like testing the pool water before you jump in.  Do you ever stick your feet in first just to pull them out quickly?  Trying is like that.

If you try and try and try at the same thing but it does not work out for you your going to go in life circles.  It might seem your doing something different but the reality is your not. You might go a small distance. When you put your feet in the pool they got a bit cold.  However it took jumping in to get swimming.

With the right tools I can solve my own problems.  Trying without using tools will not get you very far. Motivation will bring you tools. Motivation will take you to get a library card to get a free education so you can pass college without repeating classes.  Motivation will help you lose weight or stop a bad habit.  Trying will not.

My Psychology professor taught me this: ” The word try leaves room for failure.” Do not say you will try something. In your mind you have created the intent to fail. When I first heard that I was shocked and a little upset. I used the try word a lot. It took me several years of falling on my head, the butt would have been kinder at least the fall would have been cushioned, to learn this lesson.  Hearing the words trying leaves room for failure takes a mind switch.  That mind switch is really up to the person.

When you stop trying you become more open to what is going to work out for you and what is not.  If you have been trying to do something for a long time and it is just causing you pain and further downfall you need to switch up the tactic.

It is time for a different action. Go back to the drawing board and look at your strengths and weaknesses.  Maybe you have been focusing on your weakness too much and your missing out on the very strength you carry to pull you out of the rut you are in.

It is okay to give up on something and start over.  When that time comes to walk away from something look at what lessons you did learn.  If you can look at what you learned you did not fail. It is when you fail and learn nothing that you really wasted your time.

Why is this video so crazy?- A reccomendation

Have you ever asked yourself

  1. Why are the lyrics repetitive?
  2. Why do the Scenes flash quickly?
  3. What is that Symbol?
  4. What is up with the dark colors?
  5. Why is the artist dressed like that?

Head on over to The Vigiliant Citizen! Regardless of what you believe this blog is fascinating!  These questions and more will be answered for you.

If some of it sounds a little deep that is okay.  One of three things will happen when you visit…..

1. You will learn something

2. You will be entertained

3. You will have a unique topic to discuss with your friend tonight!

I really love that blog!

Why I will Never Drink Starbucks…..#RaceTogether

Lately Starbucks has grabbed my attention.  They recently added Vegan milk products to the menu and some locations even have Organic Coffee.   I thought this was impressive and a great idea.  The organic vegan movement has been growing very fast and it is great for those with lactose intolerant issues.

I have been eating GMO free for over a year and Starbucks was a coffee place I had to give up. That is okay because the local small shops need my money more. Organic coffee tastes better and the smaller shops seem to put more pride behind their own brew.  I am from the Seattle area, I am automatically an expert…right? 😉  Every small coffee shop has a different style it is almost an art form.  Every Starbucks offers the same thing, consistency and convenience.  Boring!

The Ferguson Missouri issue went all the way up to the United Nations over the past year.  It is an ongoing debate between police brutality vs the citizens and race differences.  Race is an important topic because of cultural differences.  Each area of the world has a different culture and wisdom can be learned from all of them.  Racial differences become a problem when we take one group of society and give privileges another group does not have. We are seeing this now with the 1% vs middle class vs those in poverty.  Take feminism vs the male population. Females have struggles but we also have the same opportunities men have.  If wage and income is the problem between sexes it is safe to say Women have a pretty strong hand.  If you do not believe me look at Oprah!  Both Men and Women have scrambled to grab her attention to promote a book or food item.

Equal rights are extremely important but so is respect.  As we learn more about ourselves and heritage we realize throughout time that we really are not that different. We all want to be loved, everyone must have fresh food and clean water to survive,  temperature control, and a non violent home.  Who you pray too does not affect your ability to learn.  We create problems in society when we look past these basic needs.  War rips apart the land and trade deals stop.  When trade deals stop people begin to go hungry. Water is being polluted everywhere and the lack of fresh food and clean water is causing violence. 

When we stop respecting our neighbors and resources violence occurs. It is easy to point to the obvious reasons for violence in a different area.  Right now Religion, Race, and Government Brutality seem to be the hot topics to pinpoint the violence on.  Those issues are extremely important.

Do you ever notice that a society that has Education, Employment, Clean Water, Fresh Organic Food, and Community Activities seem to run the best?  Is it a possibility we are looking towards the wrong direction?

Starbucks I am disgusted that you created awkward situations within the coffee lines by asking people how they embrace others of a different race!   You should be promoting Respect!  When we respect who we are and who others are we become non violent!  Science has proven that human beings have negative reactions inside the body when they are presented with stressful situations!  Grabbing your coffee is supposed to be a relaxing time!  People make friends and get married over a random meet up at a coffee place!

The CEO of Starbucks said his campaign was successful. Yes it was.  Starbucks made the headlines across the world. Whenever we hear the name Starbucks we think lets grab a cup of coffee.  The race issue created the advertisement.  Yes Starbucks did make headlines and those who were not aware of the name now are.  That is Corporate success!  Spreading your brand name and acquiring wealth.  The very act of writing this blog is a form of advertising. Some of you might be thinking…gee now I want a Latte.  Its free advertising.  Every dog trainer knows that Negative or Positive Attention is still attention! As long as people are talking people are going to be drinking!

It takes a lot of media attention to sell over priced coffee to people who are having a difficult time buying food and paying rent. 

Why did I write this even though its giving Starbucks more attention? Because people are going to buy the coffee just because!  We all know McDonald’s is very unhealthy but we still buy it.  If people did not buy it we would not see open stores.  Luckily people are turning away from McDonald’s. As I said earlier we are tired of eating the typical thing within society.  I would rather grab a sandwich at a local place then a chain any day!

My words will not stop Starbucks lovers to stop drinking the coffee just like obesity will not stop some people from buying greasy food. People will buy what they love regardless of what is promoted. Therefore I do not care that this blog will make people think Starbucks this morning.

Please don’t go to Starbucks. Try a local coffee place or go to the grocery store and buy a coffee brand that is Organic that you have never tried before.  You do not want all the pesticides in conventional processed coffee in your body anyway. Coffee contains high amounts of pesticides and herbicides.  When you shop locally you provide your neighbors jobs.

Please be a part of a real solution and support local businesses. Starbucks you promoted the wrong issue! We need to be looking towards the largest issues of all starvation, dehydration, dirty conditions, a lack of education, war, and brutality.

Different colors of skin,  religions, languages, and abilities are beautiful and unique! Lets embrace the beauty of our differences! Not fight over them! Yes you are different then me and you are amazing!    We are all created equally but we are all unique! Be unique!  Live in Peace! Do not fall for false advertising schemes!


Shares of Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX) hit a 52-week high Thursday, despite criticism following the coffee company’s “Race Together” campaign to address racism in America.

See what I mean? Starbucks does not need your money! Shop and drink Local! Now Google your local coffee house and try the Organic difference! 🙂