Do you like Talk Radio? – – – Check out Caravan to Midnight!

I love talk radio that discusses information that is really hard to find.  If you juggle kids, work, and college you probably do not have time to research a whole lot beyond what mainstream media is telling you.  Do not fret John B Wells has your back.   If the name sounds familiar it is because he used to be a part of Coast to Coast A.M.

He broke away and started a program of his own.

What is the catch? It costs $5.00 a month but you receive all past content and a refund is available if you cannot stand the content. You simply have to email him letting him know.  The shows run regularly throughout the week and you receive 2-3 hours of commercial free content per episode. His dedication and effort shows he puts a lot of time into his show and I have yet to feel disapointed.

So what does he discuss?

– Religion/Spirituality

– Nutrition/Health

– News/Politics

-Conspiracy Theories floating around (He puts logic behind them)



If the program sounds great to you then head on over to !

At the end of the show I always have random new facts and information to throw out during a discussion.  I hope you check it out and you enjoy the program as much as I do!