Financial Mondays-Poverty is not an option!

Financial Mondays


After seeing that title you might be thinking “How is poverty not an option?” I am over my head in debt and cannot see straight! Once I pay my housing costs, feed my family, and take care of the car I am broke!

When we pay our bills we often pay them in anger or grief.  We see what we really want to be doing but the cash just goes to a different source. Then Monday we clock back in go back to work and expect the same thing month after month.  If this sounds like you relax.

I have two challenges for you this week. 

Imagine what would your life be like if you did not have that pay check.  

Throughout this week whenever you have to put your hard earned cash into a bill say Thank You! 

It can be a prayer of Thanks, or Thank yourself for being able to make ends meet!

So your unemployed

What a great place to be in!  You have so much time right now to re-analyze your life! If you are unemployed this is your task:::

Think back to when you were small and saw the world through simplicity.  Ask yourself :   What did your child self want to do when you grew up?  Now make a list of all your hobbies. Everything you love to do or what you loved to do that you just put on the back burner.

How can my hobbies pay my bills? Can I create a service for others through doing what I love?

Every Monday is the start of a new work week so what better then to talk finances?  Money is important because Poverty is NOT an option! 


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