To write or to speak?? -We need your Insight!

At the start of the living vigorously blog we posted about how we were hiking with a group of friends and were discussing age and where we want to be in ten years. We made a decision to live our lives as vigorously as we possibly can, and thus it was the beginning of the living vigorously blog.. as I sit here typing this blog entry for all of you to read, I have a few questions on my mind. The questions on my mind are honestly questions about our reading audience!

Before we get into the question part, I need to introduce myself. Like I said in the beginning of the blog we are a group of friends who are trying to live life to the best of our ability! My name is Kev and honestly I’m not that big of a blogger (shocker) but I love to talk.. and I mean you need duct tape to shut me up if I get to rambling! So, I thought to myself “self, how can I help people learn, live and grow in a positive way?” and then, like a shock from the electrical socket, I had an idea.. How would everyone like a podcast. Say for example: “the living vigorously podcast” (or something like that)? If you like the Idea (or dislike it) I would love to hear your opinion. What type of guest’s would you like to hear from? What subjects are you most interested in? What do you really want to learn? these are just a few of my questions to you.

I really love all of the positive feedback about the blog and we honestly want to bring you the best content that we can! If you would like to get your business, blog, and insights out to people who need to hear what you have to say please email us at


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