The Value of….

Waking up at 4 AM

For two weeks I have started my day out at 4 AM. Today was an exception a horrible dream had me up at 3 AM.  Why 4 AM? Nobody else including my neighbors are awake! Everyone is silent, including the dog, which leads to zero distractions. Distractions become excuses. Excuses will sound like a legitimate reason if you repeat them long enough.  Eventually they will make sense.

If you want  productivity you must have time to yourself. Take the first two hours of that time to brew your favorite coffee or tea,  eat breakfast, work out, take a shower, and listen to at least one motivational video.  Hint: You can listen to a motivational podcast while you work out.

Once you are done with that if you have any indoor house work that needs done do that as well! Hint: Throw on the world news while you do this. Spend one hour getting basic chores done.  Nobody is awake therefore you do not have to clean behind others.

The last hour put towards reading.  Get comfy with another cup of tea and read a book that will teach you something new.

Once you are done with all of that your real work day can begin. You took care of some house work, you got your work out in, you look great and your belly is full for work.  Now you can work more effectively because your mind is not running in circles thinking about what you did not get done or how you neglected yourself that day over your job.

Try waking up 4 hours before your work day begins and let me know what you think!  If you have tried it I would like to hear about your results!  What is your morning routine like?


3 thoughts on “The Value of….

  1. i just love your concept of waking up @ 4 am . i followed the concept of 5 am club. an idea by robin sharma. i started with motivational videos by zig ziglar and open up my journal have a look at it , scribble something and start my work . read something nice .


  2. Oddly enough, the time I used to do this was high school. I had a large family so I woke up extra early just to be able to achieve things in peace. I would even arrive at the school two hours before the bell and mediate in the mornings in the courtyard for an hour. when I worked retail my days didn’t start until 10 am, so I woke around 7 am to drive an hour to my grandparents house, lay down with my grandfather, grab some breakfast then drive back to work. It always does make me feel more energized. Now as a stay at home mom though…I’m so much more exhausted. It’s more difficult to get motivated to do anything it feels. I wake up early look around the house with chai then duck my head from the mess to go down to my office and type on my blog. Perhaps it’s the third trimester pregnancy blended with the day to day constant trials of a two year old?

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    • I can believe that being a new mom would be hectic and challenging! Little ones have a schedule all they’re own and often times it does not line up with the adults. Keep drinking your chai tea every morning that sounds delicious and meditate whenever you get a break! One routine does not work for every person and it is important to develop your own. Give yourself a pat on the back for all you do achieve during the day! Being a parent is tough! It certainly is not a job everyone can do!


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