10 Ways to Improve your Game

Life can feel like a competition. There is always a deadline to meet,  someone criticizing you like a coach, you have your fans, and you have your complainers.  Bills must be paid to keep your “home stadium” running and if you do not exercise and eat properly you’re going to be at the bottom.

Do you ever feel like your missing out on your winning goal when life calls you up to play?

The Ten Ways to Improve your Game

1. Stop complaining and do what you need to be doing: Do you want to go on an expensive vacation?  Are you mad that your unappreciated at work and not living your dream? Do you grab a few drinks with your friends and the next day talk about how you wish to lose weight? You need a goal list if you do not have one already, and who says you must have just one goal list? Make a mini goal list for the day. What could you be doing today to get you to your final achievement? Complaining about your problems will not make them go away and most people who are listening are most likely rowing in the same boat with you!  Take the oars into your own hands and figure out how to make your dreams happen!

2. Quit Slackin! Quit making excuses or using reasons from the past to keep you from moving!  Sure legitimate obligations arise making it next to impossible to get something done!  Do the song lyrics from Bruno Mars  “Today I dont feel like doing anything I just wanna lay in my bed, don’t feel like picking up my phone……” ever get stuck in your head?  If that song has become your theme song your probably slacking! Slackers always sit on the sidelines enjoying the view. Is your view boring yet?  Quit being lazy. Yes I said it. I may have hurt your feelings. That is okay maybe you needed to read those words.  I will say it again “You might be lazy.”  If your lazy long enough it will start to make sense to be that way.  Your excuses will become your reason. Example of an excuse that is becoming a reason? ” It is too cold to work out.”   Do you live in a house or apartment with heat? Yes? Then it is not too cold to work out.  Working out heats up your body anyway. So if your cold work out before you turn up the thermostat! If you lean back to long you’re not going to accomplish anything on that goal list.

3. Switch Teams!  Do you ever feel lonely within a group of people?  As life moves forward we change!  It is not a planned one and sometimes the changes go unnoticed but they still exist.  You might not see it but your social group might.  If you are no longer on the best terms or you feel like your bad habits are being supported it is okay to switch groups.  People will come and people will go out of our lives its like a constant tide.   Do not be afraid to move forward and allow people to be people.   You never know who you will come across in life so if you are afraid to make that step and make new friends you could be missing out.  Trust me in 5 years that group will be hanging out with the same people and doing the same things. You cannot wait for others to move forward before you do. Sometimes you just have to take that step before anyone else does. Those who wish to follow you will follow you.  We both know that life is too short for negativity.

4. Eat Healthier Do you know that those who have a regular B.M.I rate make more money and have more job opportunities then those who are not?  If you are within your healthy weight range skip this and move forward! According to the stats most of us are not.  I was obese once.  I dropped over 100 pounds when I went Vegan and Organic.  I can assure you that being Vegan put more money in the wallet because meat costs more per pound then vegetables.  Shopping is now fun because I do not have to roll my eyes at all the “skinny” stores and walk out of the “large” stores with a red face.   One time I was walking down the streets of Seattle eating a burger, from Mcdonalds.  This man yelled from the other side of the street “Fatty put the burger down!” Yeah my feelers were hurt and I was mad at that guy. Who is he to say those mean things to me? I am on prescription medication. ( I was at the time and weight gain was a side effect.) That was my excuse and I was sticking to it! I pretended to ignore him because it would have made his day to yell back.  If you are that guy from Seattle who yelled at me. Thank you.  You got the gears turning in my brain to start being a healthier person.  I decided from that moment on he would be the last person to insult my large ass.   When you are 5 foot 3 and 245 pounds………something has to go and it was not going to be my heart.  I can say with a smile that he was the last person to ever insult my weight!  Within a year I hit my normal BMI.  If you are not familiar with what a BMI rating is please visit this website http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/educational/lose_wt/BMI/bmicalc.htm

5. Get Organized  If you have not started meal planning yet now is the time to do so!  Is your home cluttered? Start that Spring cleaning! I know some of you  have snow on the ground.  How awesome would it be to have a clean house once that snow does melt? While everyone else is deep cleaning your going to be deep hiking! Because your ahead of the game! Staying organized will save you time and money.  Your costing yourself extra dollars by being disorganized. Part of organization is knowing where your money is going……..that brings me too……

6. Get on a budget: It is difficult to have fun if your bills are not being paid or every little surprise leaves you behind .  It will take time but start preparing for what you want to do now!  Now is a great time to start a vacation fund, buy Christmas presents early,  (Buy one or two gifts a month per person now until Christmas. Once again you will be ahead of the game and avoiding crowds when November hits.), put money away for your car maintenance fund, and your own health fund.  Make a home for every penny.  Just like every item has its location so does every dollar.

7. Learn Something You should be learning something new every day.  Do you know two languages?  How to play an instrument?  Can you use Adobe Photoshop?  What is the History of your city or town?  There is a lot to learn. Learning will allow you to have deeper conversations and you will discover new hobbies.  I did not know what Pyrography was until I started looking into designing wood furniture.

8. Help Someone out! This is a great way to use your time if you are unemployed! Now is better then ever to volunteer at a humane society,  join a beach or trail trash pick up group or create one,  help the elderly out,  help the wildlife at your local wildlife rehabilitation center,  teach people to read, volunteer at a food bank, or learn some construction through habitat of humanity.  It always helps to have fresh references when you’re applying for college or looking for a new job! This is also a great way to get to know the members of your community and to learn something new at the same time!

9. Be Accountable:  Do not just get out of the bed in the morning! Take a few minutes to feel for pain throughout your body and ask yourself how your emotions are.   If your loved ones tell you that you are not a morning person or walk the other way when you walk out of your room its time to redo your morning attitude! Show up 15 minutes early to anything you have to go do.  You have probably heard the saying ” If your on time your late.”  Once again if you want outstanding results do not follow the crowd! Your boss will notice if you are early!

10. Meditate:  How often do you take the time out to say Thank You for a new day?  Do you ever quiet your mind before you start your day or go to sleep? Or are your thoughts racing and pounding through your mind and you exhaust yourself sorting them out? It is a good thing to be a problem solver but Rome was not built in one day.  Make a list of all your problems before you begin meditation.   Once that is done grab your favorite incense and classical music and relax.  Think about nothing or just let thoughts float past your mind. Do not focus on them or give them the attention they are asking for. You have plenty of time for that later.  You can spend your meditation relaxing all your muscles,  clearing your mind, or telling yourself positive messages.  Throwing on the head phones and listening to positive messages for 15 minutes can do a lot for your confidence! If your tense all the time you’re not going to be able to think clearly. We are pounded with negativity through the news, commercials, and day-to-day conversations.   Being able to meditate will help you sort it all out easier.

Do you have any tips for improving your game of life?  Please Comment below!



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