Selling Coffee through Stickers

In the Pacific Northwest, USA, we have many options for where to get our coffee.  You can go to a Starbucks,  a local shop that is family owned,  a drive through stand where women where clothes, or one where coffee is made and served while a woman wheres nothing but stickers over her nipples. 

The coffee nipple stands lay right on the outer edges of small military towns.  Women are not dumb. We know that our bodies can bring in serious cash to pay the bills and feed the kids.  We know that men will stop thinking as soon as they see a breast. They will not only pay a high price but they will tip as well. Compliments such as “You are my most important customer” or ” I love to see you every morning you brighten my day” flatter them to drop the tips into the jar.

Usually a purchase can be made without the significant other knowing.  No touching is involved,  just a simple view and the only evidence is a empty plastic cup.

Further into town men receive choices.  There is a Starbucks, a local stand where women wear clothes,  or a building that is family owned.

Sex sells coffee.  I have yet to see a stand where a male puts a sticker over his member and makes coffee for women.  A lot of women will make jokes about how they would not mind going to a stand like this.  If you cannot make your significant other stop viewing sticker women you might as well go view a man with a sticker on his member.  Sometimes its easier to join in then have fights over it.   Some women I have talked to are okay with their husband doing this. They do not believe it is cheating if he is not being touched or touching someone. They do not see the harm in their partner viewing another woman to them it is like a porn movie.  It really is not a big deal.

When you chose to buy coffee at a stand like this you are staring at someone’s mother or future mother,  wife,  daughter, sister, cousin, niece………..

How would you feel if this was your mom or your sister?  Would you be okay with it then?

Its saddening to see young women selling their bodies vs. using their intelligence to make cash.  When you are young and pretty selling yourself is the easiest way. I guess if you are going to go that route a coffee stand is one of the safest ways to make quick cash. It certainly is safer then prostitution.  At least you are not having sex or having men grab you.

Women take jobs like this for several reasons

  • They have low self esteem
  • They do not know what to do with they’re intellect.
  • They have bills that must be paid very quickly
  • They have kids to feed
  • They know its quick cash and they do not mind taking advantage of men who feel insignificant.

Ladies you could be serving coffee to someones husband, brother, nephew, uncle, cousin,  or father. What if you were working at this stand and your brother drove in to buy coffee? Would you be okay with that?

Some towns are outraged this is going on and the city council is pushing stands like this out.  Before you go to a coffee stand like this please think deeper then the thrill of your purchase.  Remember someone loves the person working behind that stand very much and when you do purchase coffee from a sticker stand your insecurity is being taken advantage of through your wallet.


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