Insulting the Wealthy…

I have noticed something since social media came out.  Wealth slamming.  Instead of learning how others acquired and manage they’re wealth they are insulting those who have it.   They assume that rich people did not work hard for it and somehow the lifestyle was given to them.

Chances are if you were born into poverty you are not happy with it. Lets face it being in debt will not allow you to go on vacation, repair and decorate your home,  or participate in a lot of activities.  Activities such as golfing, gym memberships, extra classes, horseback riding, dance, etc cost money.  If you are in poverty you can take free classes if you can find them. Some people do free work outs and yoga groups at the park or they ask for a donation.  You can always go hiking on the trails in your area but eventually you will probably get a bit bored with the same scenery and you might have the urge to change it up.

If you are in poverty you will hear about a tragedy a friend or family member is facing and you will realize quickly there is little you can do besides offer prayers and emotional support.  Lets face it surgery, retirement, and home maintenance can cost a lot.

If you are jealous of those who carry millions or billions of dollars why?  Why sit and feel negative about the situation you were born into instead of doing something about it? Wouldn’t your time be well spent learning how to build up a business, invest in some stocks, make what little money you do bring in work the best for you?

An attitude needs to shift between the wealthy and those without.  The wealthy need to reach out to those who are looking to build themselves up and those who are on the lower income scale need to learn from those who built themselves.  Building up others and giving them new hope through education and ideas is the way to live.  Separation is not.

As long as we continue to feel jealous about the lifestyle we feel that we cannot have we will never have it.  Complaining about not being in the 1 percent will never allow you to be in the 1 percent.

I have heard people say they do not ever want to be wealthy because they feel that those with wealth are selfish.  Is it selfish to be able to pay for your parents retirement? Pay for a surgery for a friend?  Pay for your kid to go to college with cash?

Does it sound so bad to be able to go on vacation to a place you have dreamed about your entire life? Or Afford to pick up a new hobby?

Society needs a massive attitude shift if they are going to get out of poverty.  The separation and jealousy has to stop!  Quit separating yourselves from those who are wealthy and learn from them if you are without.  If you have wealth reach out and educate others! Become a light and an inspiration in the lives of those who feel like they do not have any options and they are so depressed they cannot see the light.

If you are in poverty the library has a lot of books that are very inspirational. Reading is free.  Get off the video games and the social media and start learning something!  Whatever you do stop complaining!

How do you feel about the attitude between the lower class vs the higher class?


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