Giving Up is A Good Thing….

Most of us were taught to “At first if you do not succeed, try try again. ” At least I was.  That quote was constantly repeated in school and at home. It was drilled so much into my mind that giving up at something made me feel anxious and depressed. I felt like a failure inside.    I really thought that it was me doing something wrong preventing an idea from working. Instead I should have been thinking maybe this is not correct for my life path. 

The key to success is motivation.  You probably will not have the answers right away to solve a problem. You will not know every detail of starting something new until you jump in. Trying keeps your feet from getting wet and a little cold.  Life can be like testing the pool water before you jump in.  Do you ever stick your feet in first just to pull them out quickly?  Trying is like that.

If you try and try and try at the same thing but it does not work out for you your going to go in life circles.  It might seem your doing something different but the reality is your not. You might go a small distance. When you put your feet in the pool they got a bit cold.  However it took jumping in to get swimming.

With the right tools I can solve my own problems.  Trying without using tools will not get you very far. Motivation will bring you tools. Motivation will take you to get a library card to get a free education so you can pass college without repeating classes.  Motivation will help you lose weight or stop a bad habit.  Trying will not.

My Psychology professor taught me this: ” The word try leaves room for failure.” Do not say you will try something. In your mind you have created the intent to fail. When I first heard that I was shocked and a little upset. I used the try word a lot. It took me several years of falling on my head, the butt would have been kinder at least the fall would have been cushioned, to learn this lesson.  Hearing the words trying leaves room for failure takes a mind switch.  That mind switch is really up to the person.

When you stop trying you become more open to what is going to work out for you and what is not.  If you have been trying to do something for a long time and it is just causing you pain and further downfall you need to switch up the tactic.

It is time for a different action. Go back to the drawing board and look at your strengths and weaknesses.  Maybe you have been focusing on your weakness too much and your missing out on the very strength you carry to pull you out of the rut you are in.

It is okay to give up on something and start over.  When that time comes to walk away from something look at what lessons you did learn.  If you can look at what you learned you did not fail. It is when you fail and learn nothing that you really wasted your time.


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