Your hurting others without knowing….

Are you careful about what you put on your body?

Do you ever think about others before you do laundry,  wash your body, throw on perfume and deodorant?

I know you have your favorite scent or product.

Do you ever think about how it affects other people around you? Not everyone can handle what you wear.

There are laws against where people can smoke cigarettes so why cant we have regulations about what goes into beauty products?  I would rather see society make a conscious decision on their own to avoid artificial scents. Every time a law is past it hurts another group and makes living harder.

Could you do me a favor? Could you please stop wearing products that contain artificial chemicals?  A bit of essential oil on your wrist or neck can go a long way and they are safe for most people. They work better then the artificial stuff anyway.

Please think about others with chemical sensitivity before you start your day.  Nobody should be afraid to go out and interact with friends in a public setting but I am.  Imagine what it would be like if you went to work every day in fear that your throat or lungs will close off because someone decided to spray an air freshener by your desk………..

How would you live?

How would you feel?

Please think and change what you do and talk to those you know.  Just because something does not affect you does not mean it does not affect others. How would you feel if you knew you were responsible for a person going to the hospital over your perfume?  Please think and stop using so many chemicals.

There are many people like me and you never know who you will affect today.


2 thoughts on “Your hurting others without knowing….

  1. this can be little difficult as some are allergic and some are not.
    people always try to avoid bad odour and end up using large amount of perfume.
    its generally not advisable to use too much deo also .
    thank you for bringing this us


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