The Art of Convinience Blog Update

A while back I wrote this:

Today I have an update on the blog.

Apparently we ARE over sharing information about our children. Well not me I do not have any kids but most of my peers either have really little ones or have babies on the way.

I would handle social media like this If  I am blessed with a child. 

My friends and relatives would receive letters with Photographs!  That is it!  No texts, emails, blogs, Facebook, none of it!  Why? It is too easy for strangers to get a hold of your child’s face! ? I see it all the time a disabled kid in school sitting at a desk with words written above his or her head.  A toddler giving the camera a weird look with a quote.  Do these people get the credit and the royalties they deserve? Did the parents publish these memes and upload them?  Was it a friend? A stranger?

Maybe I am old-fashioned with how I view things. The Amish do not take photographs at all instead they remember all the moments inside their head , drawings, or journals.  The Amish families I have met to do not seem to be suffering or traumatized over this.  They find modern society odd for living their life behind a lens.

How do I know for sure we are over sharing the youth of today? This article came across the website of the local news.  I accidentally found it while checking the weather report.

Here is part of the article and the link to read the rest of the story for yourself:

Seventy-four percent of parents say they know a parent who has shared too much information about a child on social media, including 56% who said they knew someone who shared embarrassing information about a child, according to a new poll.

“We have now crossed a threshold in our society where if you do not record, broadcast or disseminate your life or your child’s life it does not exist,” says psychologist David Greenfield, founder of The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction.

More than half of mothers and one-third of fathers said they use social media to discuss child health, parenting and issues related to raising children. Nearly three-quarters of parents say using social media makes them feel less alone, according to the poll from C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.


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