Why Meditate? -Clint Willis


Do you have a hard time silencing your mind?

Are you afraid of death?

Do you ever have a hard time forgiving yourself?

Are you lost on your life journey?


Are you looking for a great book to read before bed?

If these questions resonate with you go to the library and pick up the book  Why Meditate? The Essential Book About How Meditation Can Enrich Your Life  Edited by Clint Willis.

The book contains short stories written by 20 different authors about love, dying, new beginnings, children, fear, pain, enlightenment, spontaneity, and mindfulness just to name a few.

Do not read this book in public if you find yourself crying while reading.  Some stories really tug at the heart. Don’t say you were not warned.

This book is a must for my book shelf. It is certainly one that I could read over and over again throughout life as different challenges are thrown my way.  I was amazed at how the authors found such peace during moments that would rip anyone else apart.

A passage from Teachings on Love page 58

Look into the eyes of your beloved and ask deeply, “Who are you, my love, who has come to me and taken my suffering as your suffering, my happiness as your happiness, my life and death as your life and death?”  “Who are you whose self has become myself? Why aren’t you a dewdrop, a butterfly, a bird, a pine tree?” Ask with your whole body and mind. Later you will have to ask the person who causes you the most suffering the same questions: ” Who are you who brings me such pain, who makes me feel so much anger and hatred?” To understand you have to become one with your beloved, and also with your so-called enemy.  You have to worry about what they worry about, suffer their suffering, appreciate what they appreciate. You and the object of your love cannot be two. They are as much you as you are yourself.


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