Indian lime pickle

Feast Wisely

After my recent success with mango chutney I decided to continue on the Indian theme for my next recipe post. At the same time I was tempted by a great offer on limes at Harris Farm Markets. I love using limes, especially in Mexican dishes.  Limes are not only high in vitamin C they also contain unique compounds that are said to give them anti-carcinogenic, anti-oxidant and antibiotic properties. When they’re out of season and the price skyrockets to $3 per lime I can’t justify buying them too often, but when 8 limes cost only $2 I buy tons of them.

Indian lime pickle recipeSo the obvious choice when combining the Indian theme with all of those limes I’d bought was a lime pickle.

Indian lime pickle recipe

I sourced this recipe from and made two adjustments. Firstly I omitted 125g of sugar. Secondly I replaced mustard seed oil with coconut oil. By simply removing the sugar this pickle becomes…

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