I failed at being a Vegan…..

Earlier this week I posted a question: Whether or not I should consume eggs and give up the Vegan life style.  I got several mixed replies.  The act of ending the Vegan lifestyle after two years was not an easy decision.   Most people told me this: You live once so eat what you want.  That is a great attitude to have if you do not understand what it is like to become obese and then overcome it.   When you defeat obesity the reality sets in of how fast and easily it can happen again and its easy to admit that a new kind of paranoia or fear has set in.  The fear of being fat.

The following is based off of my experiences and I am not a nutritionist nor a doctor. 

The Pros of a Vegan Diet

  • Very quick weight loss
  • Decreased Cholesterol
  • Food bill Decreased

The Cons of a Vegan Diet

  • At first you will feel increased energy.  Over time that energy increase will drop. I found myself depressed, emotional, and exhausted.
  • Tofu is going to taste like tofu regardless of how you flavor or cook it.
  • Cooking becomes repetitive- Unless you can afford to buy out of season produce be prepared to face food boredom during the colder months.
  • Vitamin Deficiency-  There are very few sources to get B-12 from on this diet.  Your brain and nerves need b-12 to function.  Most Vegans will tell you that you can gain B-12 through eating Sea Vegetables.   I tried this and still became weak.
  • I never felt full. Constantly had food cravings
  • Socialization becomes difficult. You will soon realize your support team will not be as strong as you suspected and some might even find it rude when you turn down food or you cannot eat out at a certain restaurant, especially if you have done so for years with a group of people .  Depending on where you live it can be very difficult to eat Vegan and still maintain a good social structure.
  • I noticed bone weakness and yes my teeth started chipping. That was the first sign I was low in minerals and vitamins.
  • Bloating……oh the bloating.
  • Increase in nerve pain

If you are going to be Vegan anyway after reading this do not use Vegan based media to tell you how to eat.  Please seek guidance from a nutritionist.  I read the books written by professionals but over time a lot can go wrong.   You need to have blood work done to make sure that you are not becoming vitamin and mineral deficient. In fact being Vegan is not right for everyone and its best to consult an expert directly, not just read what “experts” publish. 

Since I brought my question to the table I have reintroduced eggs and goats milk to my diet. Goats milk is very high in Selenium and great if you are lactose sensitive or you suffer from heart burn.  It is the closest milk to human breast milk.  I have been sensitive to cows milk in the past so I decided to try goats milk for a while and see how it goes. So far I feel better but it has only been a few days.  After two years eggs taste amazing!   I really missed having an omelet or french toast for breakfast.   Sure you can make a tofu scramble or a baked french toast that are Vegan, but it is not the same.  Tofu will never taste like a real egg .   I know it takes time for the body to adjust but after a few days of eating eggs and drinking milk my digestion has improved and the nerve pain has decreased.

Of course it is important to watch where you buy your animal products from.  Local is best and it is a fun adventure to visit the farm where your milk and eggs come from!

I will not go back to eating meat products unless several doctors were to demand it.  Meat contains a lot of acid and is linked to inflammation.

I do not regret being a Vegan because I can now give a solid opinion on it, learned a lot about myself, and how to cook a few new dishes!  Not all of it was bad.  It simply did not work for my body.  Not every human being can be a Vegan.  My friends are right you only do get this exact life therefore it is important to learn what works best for you!  Trial and error often hurts but sticking to one life style because that is all you know can be just as extreme.

It is also not okay to judge.  Some people have to have meat in they’re diet or they get really sick.   I would like to see the shaming of meat eaters end and the meat eaters need to stop making fun of those who choose vegetables!

I grew up as a meat eater, went vegan, and now I am a vegetarian.  Regardless of how you classify yourself bullying another group will not get you too far.  You never know when you will end up switching sides so do not judge for you too will one day be judged!

I hope all of us can agree that shoving thousands of animals in one building is not ethical nor healthy when it comes to spreading disease.  Regardless of how you eat know where all your food comes from and what it is in it!






4 thoughts on “I failed at being a Vegan…..

    • Thank You! I noticed a lot of misconceptions within the Vegan world after my experiment. I learned a lot so you are right it was not a complete failure. I do not feel like I wasted any time on it. I certainly have a new appreciation for the taste of an egg now! 🙂

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  1. Loved reading this story – I love eggs especially organic ones and am also a fan of goats milk. Listen to your body is my belief and if it tells you you need something then chances are you do (excluding sugar and alcohol of course)!


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