Considering a diet switch-Vegan to Vegetarian..I NEED your opinions!

We have been Vegan now for over a year. At first it was great. We dropped a lot of weight and gained a lot of energy.  The weight has been off now for a good 10 months and came off rather quickly.

Now that it has been off for a while we are starting to lose energy and feel sluggish. I have been researching Vitamin B 12.  If you are lacking it can cause a whole lot of memory issues as you age.

Cheese is missed and goats milk also contains a lot of nutrients and less lactose then cows milk.  Almond and Coconut milk are not milk. I do not care how you dress it up.

The debate is being had around the consume an egg sandwich tonight or skip out?

I have the room for 4-6 chickens and possibly 2-3 goats.  I would make sure they were fed a GMO free diet and it comforts my mind to know that I have full control of what goes into my body. Plus they are too cute.  How can someone watch goats play and be angry??

Btw…tofu sucks.  No matter what you do it. You can marinate it all day long its still squishy, watery, and the flavor you soaked it in oozes out.  It tastes extra nasty overnight in the fridge. Soy also contains estrogen which can cause a range of problems.  Supposedly half a cup of soy acts as birth control in men???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is where you come in…Have you transitioned from going Vegan back to Vegetarian how did you feel?  Do you know a lot about nutrition? We want to hear from you. This is your chance to say what is on your mind.   SHOULD WE HAVE AN EGG SAMMICH FOR SUPPER?????????????


9 thoughts on “Considering a diet switch-Vegan to Vegetarian..I NEED your opinions!

  1. No do not have an egg sandwich for dinner. But then again I don’t like eggs. I have heard and read that vegans should not worry about B12 deficiency and that it is overhyped. Also if you use nutritional yeast a spoon of that has enough B12 to meet the needs. And you are right, tofu is awful. We are not meant to eat soy in quantities that high. Soy in Asia is used often for flavor but we have turned it into a main course (not good). Cheese is the only thing I miss but very rarely. Milk I do not but I never really used it anyway. I have been vegan, raw vegan, vegetarian, and carnivorous. I feel best between vegan and raw vegan. If you are feeling sluggish there might be another vitamin or nutrient you are missing. Or in my case it’s the lack of sun because of winter.


  2. I would really love to help you, but I’m not a dietician or nutritionist so anything I could offer would be my own experience, and anecdotal data equals “bad” (unqualified) advice. I think your best resource is your family doctor. Every provider has referrals to the kind of experts you want, if they aren’t sufficiently qualified themselves. The second best choice would be the reference desk at your Public Library. Their whole job is to assist you in finding not just information, but GOOD information. After that, I would go to a Food Coop. They usually have a customer service area with nutritional advice, and sometimes they have experts in person to talk to.

    I would put “asking strangers on the Internet what I should do” at the bottom of the list.

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  3. I’ve never been vegan and I tried to be vegetarian for a day but forgot and had pizza on my dinner which had meat on it hahaha so much respect to you. I think you should do what your body is telling you to do. Vegan life is so restricted. I understand you are doing a lot of it for the sake of the animals but you should put your nutrients and yourself first. Sorry if that sounds a little rude, definitely coming from a good spot. Good luck! Have that dinner! Yum.

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    • Meat can cause inflammation and that is why I gave it up in the first place. I like the idea of not doing harm but Science has proven plants feel pain, the difference they cannot vocalize it. It was more then ethics that drove me to trying a Vegan life style out. I heard about all the benefits and I figured why not? Some people have been Vegan they’re entire lives! Maybe if I had been Vegan from a very young age it would have been different. For now I will skip the steak and chicken! 🙂 All I ask is meat eaters know where they’re meat comes from! Local is always best! Same with Vegetables though! The other downside to being Vegan…fillers in everything.


    • Not rude at all and LOL on the pizza! It happens and habits are hard to break! Your right you cannot just grab what you enjoy. It can become very depressing to have to say No to many food items! It can also cause in balance in the social structure! It makes it difficult to socialize when your eating out if you are stuck to few options and its easy to come across as rude to a group when you have to say No a lot.

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      • Hahaha I have a problem with saying no when it comes to food. I love all food so I could never ever do it. I could only imagine how difficult it is. My best friend is vegetarian but im okay with it because she’ll never pick at my food Hahahaha sometimes I order food with a meat topping to make sure of it. Only when I’m really hungry though 🙈☺️

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