Customer Service New Rules for a Social Media World by Peter Shankman -A book Review

I highly recommend this book for any person who has or is thinking about creating a business within social media. Lets face it. With the technology of today you can find out instantly if a product is a waste of money or the next best thing to sliced bread.  One or two good or bad reviews online can make or break you.

Peter Shankman covers everything you need to know about complainers, trolls, and how to impress your customers.

If you follow his advice you should be able to avoid many common mistakes that cause a business to go under. He lists off the mistakes most businesses make and how to avoid them.  If you happen to make one anyway you will learn how to stop it from becoming the next online embarrassing situation that goes viral.

You will also be provided with tips that you can use any time to promote your product.  Every conversation can create a new business opportunity and always carry a camera! You never know when you will need it!

Check out his website at

You can buy his book here


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