Fixing up what others neglected.

If you check out my Gardening page you can see in the Photographs how neglected this property is.

Currently I am drinking a cup of iced tea at 4 AM.  A break from removing caulk around the tub had to happen.  It was not just the yard that was neglected it was the house as well.  Some people moved in with a sob story and the owner fell for it.  Later they moved out without giving any notification leaving the property owner stuck with a giant mess!

Please take care of your problems immediately! Do not let one issue slip around your house and say you will take care of it later!  It creates horrible Karma!

As I am scraping the caulk I am wondering who were these people that lived here before? Doing my best to not judge I am simply wondering why do people neglect the obvious?

I know the economy is hard on most of us.  I know a simple $100.00 can be difficult to throw into repairs.  Just take care of an issue before it grows into a bigger problem!

Do not just leave your problems unattended they will never go away and they simply get passed onto the next person who decides to solve what was neglected!

This property is like a pound puppy that was left abandoned.  You can see it is starving and scared but you cant help but adopt the pup because you feel sympathy.

That is the way I feel now about this place.  I see a lot of potential if it simply receives love and a lot of elbow grease!

This property would be a lot better if a few tenants did not take advantage of a landlord.

Society wonders why Landlords require strict credit and back ground checks…………It would be easy to rent a home to anyone if everyone would make a choice to take care of where they live! I carry a lot of sympathy for home owners that lease property and have it destroyed later.   I cannot imagine what it must feel like to have to dump thousands into a piece of property that otherwise would have been fine.


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